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What we do

At Make Marketing Great Again we deliver outstanding results by building teams of exceptional people & nurturing talent in an environment of brilliance, inspiration & old school hard work. Essentially, we take ordinary Swedish people & turn them into world class sales machines - while we live on a paradise island in the best climate in the world. Always searching for extraordinary people - because we want to do extraordinary things.

Sell or be sold

Learning the art of sales is the one of the most powerful skills in the world. It will benefit your life socially, psychologically & of course professionally. It opens doors that would otherwise be closed & it allows any person with the right attitude to achieve massive levels of success no matter what your age, race, education level or socioeconomic background may be. The good news for you is that we can teach anyone this superpower!

Freedom and Responsibility

We do not seek mere followers on our teams. We want people who can work as a team yet think for themselves & take chances. At our company you will be given the freedom to express yourself, to innovate & to eventually lead others to success. It is your responsibility, however, to execute on your potential.

Lediga Jobb


Telefonförsäljningsjobb i världens bästa klimat!

We started in Gran Canaria 2014, recently relocated to a new fresh office, and have trained more than 200 Swedes in the sales industry with great success! Being one of Gran Canaria's fastest growing outbound telemarketing office with some of the most fun & exciting projects on the Swedish market we are today over 20 employees and can take pride in offering one of the best sales jobs in Gran Canaria. Offering sales training and leadership training every month with the help of Arndt's Sales Academy, we ensure that our staff develops to the highest caliber!

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